Our goal is to help people understand federal prison and avoid the federal prison system. If you happen to end up in the federal prison system, we would like to help you navigate that experience as well


In September 2002, Kendrick Fulton, Sr., along with 19-others were indicted in a federal drug conspiracy in Texas. In August 2003, Fulton proceeded to trial by jury and was convicted. He was subsequently sentenced to 400 months (33 years) in prison. At the time he was only 30. His current scheduled release date is 2032.

As fate would have it, after serving over 17 years, Fulton walked out of prison to serve the remainder of his sentence on Home Confinement. The same man who was supposed to be in prison until 2032, has been given a second chance at life and now wants to do something good with it.

Fulton admits his incarceration was warranted due to his involvement with drugs, but he asserts that the punishment should be just. Given his opportunity to right wrongs in the past, Fulton hopes to give back to the community and reach out to youth who may be making some of the same bad choices he made. Choices, which lead to him being placed in prison for more years than he had been alive.

Fulton has launched a YouTube channel called: Life in The Feds, where he hopes to inform the public on all issues related to federal prison. He also plans to establish a prisoner re-entry plan called THINKING OUT, NOT IN for those who are incarcerated that are about to be released.

No longer behind a fence, Fulton is held to a different standard now. One that is much higher than he ever dreamed. There are some people who don’t want to be rehabilitated, however, for those that do, a second chance should be given. Especially for those who are non-violent offenders just like him in need of a second chance.